Tips On How To Encourage Kids Your To Participate In Sports

Sports are suitable for all. They are healthy, they are interactive, and they are fun. However, your kids might not see it that way. In this age of technology, some kids want to stay indoors playing games on their phones, chatting online, or watching movies and TV. That makes it quite hard to get them out on the field playing sports. If you are suffering this dilemma, try these tricks to get your kids playing games.

Promise them a weekly treat

If your kids are younger, you can get them to play sports by 'bribing' them out. That is, promise to offer them a gift if they participate. The bonus could be for every time they play, or perhaps every week they play. You could also promise them something more long-term. For example, you could guarantee them that they'll go on vacation or to summer camp at the end of the year if they play sports continuously.

Show them that playing sports is cool

Another way to get your kids to play games is by showing them that it's cool. The 'cool' factor is an expensive currency among kids. They love the popularity and likability that it brings. If a particular sport is viewed as being cold, your kid will want to participate so that they too can be regarded as being cool.

Get them to idolize a sports figure

Another way to get your kids out in the field is to get them to worship a number in that particular sport. For example, if your kids get to love a player that plays football, that could get them to perform the game as well. So find a character that your kids would love and use that to get them playing.

Make it a fun family/community event

You can also use the fun factor to encourage your kids into sports. For example, you can organize sporting tournaments that involve their friends, your family, or even the community you live in. That might make them more fun and encourage their participation.

Of course, if all fails, you might want to think about leveraging certain pleasures that they enjoy against their participation in sports.
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